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Mei Chang (メイ・チャン)

The seventeenth princess of Xing, who like Ling Yao, has been tasked with travelling to Amestris to find the secret to immortality. She's determined to reach her goal, so she can help her struggling clan.

She travels with her pet panda, Xiao-Mei. Adept at Xing's style of alchemy, called Alkahestry, she uses kunai to arrange transmutation circles in order to manipulate targets at long range. She's also skilled at martial arts, and she can sense the chi of humans and the homunculi.

She starts off as a big fan of Edward Elric, and imagines him as her prince. However, her image of him is shattered when she meets him in person. After this, she falls in love with Edward's brother, Alphonse instead. She also forms an allience with Scar, despite the man's violent past.

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Clerici, Serena
Gotou, Mai
Lee, Ji Yeong
Alencar, Bianca
Portuguese (BR)
Truncale, Lily
Estévez, María José
González, Nycolle
Gabriele, Léa

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