Macus Alexander Bogard

Macus Alexander Bogard

Virus: Virus Buster Serge
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Macus Alexander Bogard (マーカス・A・ボガード)
Age: 28
Height: 191 cm

He never reveals his intentions to join the STAND. He seems that he is looking for his raison d'etre among STAND, and his missing brother.

As STAND's second-in-command, Marcus consistently demonstrates a high degree of self-control in high-pressure situations. Frequently left in charge of the group during Raven's absence, Marcus is a natural commander. His ability to organize complex strategies during combat situations is partially a consequence of his fighting style. Unlike Erika and Jouichirou, Marcus is primarily a marksman and prefers to keep some distance between himself and an opponent. Wielding a modified Gunblade with enhanced firepower, Marcus maintains the perfect vantage from which to monitor and command the actions of the entire team.

Voice Actors
Nanba, Keiichi
Schwartz, Michael