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Yume Tsubakuro (燕 結芽)

Age: 12
Birthday: March 3
Height: 145 cm
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Toji, Military Officer, Middle School Student (former)
Affiliation(s): Origami Family's Elite Guard, Special Sword Administration Bureau, Special Ritual Riot Squad
School: Ayanokouji Martial Arts School (alumna)
Okatana: Nikkari Ao'e
Fighting Style: Ten'nen Rishin-Ryu
Likes: Proving one's strength

She shows a childish personality appropriate for her age and is a battle maniac, flipping like a switch into a mode where she becomes unstoppable. Because of this, she is treated with utmost care by those around her, and is often forbidden from joining any operations, which leaves her dissatisfied.

Suzuka describes her as "a girl who does not know the word 'restraint'".

(Source: Toji no Miko Wiki)

Voice Actors
Saxton, Jad
Minase, Inori