Junna Hoshimi

Junna Hoshimi

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Junna Hoshimi (星見 純那)
School: Seisho Music Academy
Department: Acting Training Department
Class: 99
Year: 2nd
Student Number: 25
Likes: Reading, baths/hotsprings, glasses
Dislikes: Ball sports, swimming, scary stories
Favorite Food: Meat & potatoes, shiitake mushrooms
Least Favorite Food: Celery

An honor student who is the oldest in her class and also serves as the class representative. Although she has excellent judgment, she tends to overthink. She wanted to become a Stage Girl in spite of her parents' objections, and she often struggles with worries over her skills compared to Maya and the others.

(Source: Revue Starlight Wiki)

Voice Actors
Emerick, Shannon
Satou, Hinata