Kaoruko Hanayagi

Kaoruko Hanayagi

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Kaoruko Hanayagi (花柳 香子)

Birthday: March 3
School: Seisho Music Academy
Class: 99
Student number: 22
Likes: Perfumes (including scent bags/incense)
Dislikes: Housework
Favorite food: Japanese confectionery, cheap candy and snacks
Least favorite food: Green onions

Granddaughter of the head of a traditional Japanese dance school, this Stage Girl has refined skills in traditional song and dance. Raised in privilege, she is all too reliant on Futaba Isurugi. While she is always smiling, she is more calculating than anyone else. Speaks in the elegant Kyoto dialect.

(Source: Revue Starlight Wiki)

Voice Actors
Itou, Ayasa
Menzel, Savannah