Viola Gyune

Viola Gyune

Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo
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Viola Gyune (ヴァイオラ・ギュネー)
A young, but experienced LEV pilot for BAHRAM. Viola, along with Radium Lavans, is transferred to take part in the testing of a new experimental weapon to regain Mars' independence. The new weapon itself is a beta prototype Orbital Frame codenamed "Idolo."

While most of the testing is left to Radium, Viola does manage to have a test run of the frame. While in flight, Idolo rejects Viola’s control which causes the frame to crash and leaves Viola with an injury to her left arm. After a medical examination, it is also discovered that Viola suffers from SRS (Space Radiation Sickness). She was exposed to radiation 13 years previous during an attack on Mars by the UNSF. Viola altered her data when she enlisted to BAHRAM. Having nothing else to live for, her military life is all she knows.

Viola is secretly in love with her only friend, Radium, and after, is part of a group of BAHRAM LEVs ordered to destroy Idolo. After Radium goes renegade, she becomes a heartless shadow of her former self.

Voice Actors
Tezuka, Chiharu