Ruki "Rukki, Big Boobies♥Himeko Chan" Irokawa

Ruki Irokawa

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Ruki Irokawa (色川 琉姫)

Irokawa Rukki (pen name Big Boobies♥Himeko Chan) is a hentai artist who lives in the dorm with Kaos ,Tsubasa, and Konome. She acts perverse, but is very kind in nature and is willing to help out her kouhai. Rukki is also self-concious of her small cup size, and her appearance. Rukki originally wanted to draw kids manga, but she became a hentai artist due to editors thinking her female characters had titties that were big enough for some guys to get their weiners on with.

Voice Actors
Oonishi, Saori
Blank, Jodie