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Kotarou Azumi (安曇 小太郎)

Head of the literary club, Kotarou loves books and is starting to think that he would like to become a writer. He was born to a father who was born, raised, and works all in the same place and his mother who is a housewife. Ever since he was a child, he has been in the orchestra for his local Shinto shrine. Having a culturally rich upbringing, he was taught the flute, taiko drums, and dance and he was raised to have a strong bond with his neighborhood. He is an only child who lives in the house that his grandparents built. Because he acts carefree, he looks as though he does not get caught up in what is going on around him. Kotarou is not proactive in his studies, and as such, he is in the bottom half of his class. He does not stand out in his class.

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Voice Actors
Chiba, Shouya
Sanders, Stephen