Süleyman "Göz Kulak Başkan" Kara Kanat

Süleyman Kara Kanat

Shoukoku no Altair
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Shoukoku no Altair
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Süleyman Kara Kanat (カラ・カネット・スレイマン / 黒翼のスレイマン長官)

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 13 November
Age: 33 (Manga Chapter 1) 35 (Manga Chapter 100)
Height: 198cm (6′5″)
Eye Color: Baby Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Nationality: Turkish

He is more senior falconer than Mahmut. He is bold, stubborn and confident man. He is also a very talented spy and as a result of this has a great understanding of politics and culture. Süleyman is capable of using smooth words to charm others and give him the information he wants.

Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki