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Chino (チノ)
Chino is one of the surviving members of the Chinoike Clan, Chino was kidnapped by En Oyashiro, who had been collecting shinobi in possession of a kekkei genkai when she was very young to the point where she forgot her parents' faces. He raised her into a merciless and vengeful shinobi, giving her the task of capturing other kekkei genkai users and eliminating threats.

Upon learning her entire clan had been wiped out by enemies and angered by the mistreatment from En, Chino flees from him and sets out on her own path. Along the way, she meets Nowaki. The two then band together and travel together, robbing rich people of their goods for themselves to survive. However, Chino was not able to let go of her hatred towards the villages, which she blames for allowing her clan to perish.

In the anime version, however, Chino met Nowaki (who is really Fuushin) when she fought and defeated him during her debut at the Coliseum. They bonded over their loneliness of being ostracised for their abilities and having no families. It was Chino's desire to find her clan at the Valley of Hell that prompted the escape of herself, Fūshin, Karyū, and two others. They formed the Lightning Group and began stealing money for the poor villages before being betrayed when Kirigakure began interfering. The group dissolved with Chino and Fūshin the only ones left. Upon reaching Valley of Hell and seeing it empty with evidence of her clan being dead, Chino vowed revenge for her clan's demise.

Voice Actors
Kakuma, Ai