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Battle Beast

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Battle Beast (バトル・ビースト)
Battle Beast is a member of Duel Academy in Fusion Dimension and the most powerful student of Sanders. As he proved to be too violent to control, the Battle Beast is kept at Duel Academy. He uses the "Gladiator Beast" deck.

In terms of personality, he is blindly competitive and savage, to the degree of coming off as feral, the Battle Beast has no problem in defeating his own comrades and sealing them into cards. Even sealing his opponents may not necessarily save them from the Battle Beast's wrath; he once attempted to crush a card containing one of his victims. Even when calm, he is shown to be very arrogant and sadistic, revelling in others' fear and suffering while showing no restraint. When called out on his actions, the Battle Beast only responds with absolute indifference. His competitiveness can be used against him to a degree; Yuuya, Noboru, and Crow all exploited this in order to cause him to target them. His savagery is such that he is referred as being "Duel starved" and has show violent tendencies like physically assaulting his opponents if needed.

Despite his savagery and undeniable skill, the Battle Beast seems to something of a coward; attacking from the shadows and retreating behind his Continuous Trap Cards when cowed. This is further reflected in his play style, given the tag-out effects of the "Gladiator Beasts". BB seems to struggle dealing with constant pressure and threats from Sanders and dislikes taking orders from him. Ultimately, BB dislikes having to fight and only does so for self-preservation, when threatened to be sealed into a card, BB snapped and rebelled against Sanders.

(Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, edited)

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