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Lilia (リリア)

Lilia is a character of the day who appeared in A Keeper for Keeps?!.
Lilia came across Ash and his friends while she was looking for her Buneary. After finding her Buneary and meeting Ash and co., Bonnie took it upon herself to propose that she marry her brother, Clemont. Unlike all of the other girls that Bonnie has asked the same question to, Lilia accepted Bonnie's proposal. Lilia agreed because she was the daughter of the president of a big robotics company called Orangics. She soon got to know about Clemont and his passion for making inventions and the two became quite friendly towards one another, much to Bonnie's dismay, because she was jealous of the attention that Clemont gave Lilia.

Voice Actors
Hara, Sayuri
Altamirano, Karina
Menezes, Érika
Portuguese (BR)