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Potage (ポタージュ)
Potage is the only current inhabitant of Planet Potaufeu. He also possesses the key for the seal of Commeson, determined to protect it from the invaders believing the false "Superhuman Water" rumors.

Potage has the appearance of an old man, due to being at least 100 years old. He has a large beard covering most of his face, with a bald head and gray sideburns. He wears a sort of yellow protective suit of some sort, with yellow boots and sort of light brown pants as garments, most likely as a defense against invaders. His skin is a light blue color, with a sort of brown color covering on his eyes.

Potage is a very noble character. For most of his life, he has done the honorable thing and protected his planet and the universe from the threat of Commeson. Unlike other fighters, he has a rather happy personality, as he went so far as hugging Monaka, a simple deliveryman, when he saw him. Although he has many noble traits, he is shown to be somewhat egotistical as he gloated about his protection of the universe from Commeson. He is shown to be fearful when he fights an opponent or opponents that are stronger than him, as he is seen quivering when Gryll and his henchmen begin to attack. He is also very informed about the history of his planet and Commeson, due to being its sole protector. Potage is not used to seeing such powerful fighters, as he is in complete shock when Trunks and Goten make quick work of Gyrll's henchmen.

Voice Actors
Paiola, Antonio
Saitou, Shirou
Ramos, Mauro