Jin "Bolt Tanner" Himuro

Jin Himuro

Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's
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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's
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Jin Himuro (氷室仁)
A former Pro D-Wheeler in the league of Jack Atlus, Himuro enters 5D’s as an inmate of the Detention Centre, one with superior status to his fellow inmates. When Yusei and Yanagi enter, he duels the two of them with the claim that winning earns them respect. He easily crushes Yanagi and his Treasure Deck, infuriating Yusei who then takes him on with the same deck with a very different result. Defeated by Yusei, Himuro’s ego deflates and he becomes a friend to the two.
Himuro discloses that after losing to Jack in the Pro-league, he resorted to alcohol and other means of licking his wounds until he was arrested by Security. After being moved to the long-term cells, Himuro is targeted by Takasu after it’s discovered he’s carrying a knife and dealt a severe beating. Yusei duels for the sake of everyone after the beatings of both Himuro and Yanagi push him too far.
The duel results in everyone being released and the two later joining Yusei at Saiga’s - a friend of Himuro’s who had been contacted by using one of his cards at a bar called Bootleg. Himuro generally stays by Yanagi’s side afterwards, they assume a parental role over Rua and Ruka after the Fortune Cup and accompany them to a dinner invite from Divine. He, with Yanagi, are locked in a room while Rua and Ruka are taken elsewhere and break out when the summoning of the Earthbound Gods destabilizes the building, able to retrieve Rua, Ruka and get out of the building.
When the Signers leave to fight in Satellite, he stands with Tenpei and Yanagi, waving the group off and wishing them luck. He isn’t seen again and there is yet to be any mention of him in Season 3.

Voice Actors
Grayson, Wayne
Kusunoki, Taiten
Scattorin, Lorenzo
Moreau, Mathieu
Lopes, Guilherme
Jacob, Sebastian