Vice-commander Garron

Vice-commander Garron

Waga Seishun no Arcadia: Mugen Kidou SSX
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Vice-commander Garron
Amus' second-in-command, Garron has little patience with or trust in Mr. Zone (an instinct which proves to be correct) and objects to Amus' use of the earthman to carry out the Illumidas mission of Harlock's defeat. His protests eventually fall on receptive ears, causing Amus to be replaced by the less diplomatic General Krueger. When Zone reappears after being left for dead in the destruction of the Rest Planet (a vacation spot during better times) and demonstrates a newfound power that can challenge the might of the Illumidas, Krueger sends Garron-under much protest-to be Zone's subordinate, and to gather information on Zone's plans and capabilities.

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Voice Actors
Noda, Keiichi