Gorou Yuki

Waga Seishun no Arcadia: Mugen Kidou SSX
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Gorou Yuki (有紀悟郎)

Gorou is the father of Kei Yuki (in the SSX series.) Gorou runs a space station which prints anti-Illumidas propaganda and messages of hope in the vein of Radio Free Arcadia, and faxes them to planets across the galaxy. His references to a "Treasure Island legend" pique Harlock's interest, though the newspaperman is initially distrustful of the pirate's motives. After Harlock risks his life to save Kei and Gorou from the Illumidas, he returns the favor, sacrificing his life to defend the Arcadia, and entrusting his daughter's care to Harlock. His final words to Kei hold the key to finding the mythical world of Arcadia, and earth's potential salvation.

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Voice Actors
Kanie, Eiji