Rick Jilbur

Rick Jilbur

Waga Seishun no Arcadia: Mugen Kidou SSX
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Rick Jilbur
Rick is a pilot in the service of the colony of Mistral, a world designated as a Free Trade Planet. However, when the planet's leaders do not immediately turn away the Arcadia, newly instated Illumidas Occupation Force Commander Krueger decides to make an example of Mistral. Rick and the other surviving pilots take to the hills and plot to bring down the Illumidas command ship in a suicide attack, but Harlock warns them off, and shoots Rick in the shoulder to keep him from being able to fly his plane. At first critical of Harlock for leaving Mistral when he was asked to, believing the pirate to be afraid of the Illumidas, Rick learns a different lesson when Harlock and Emeraldas save Mistral's citizens from summary execution and destroy the fleet patrolling the skies of his homeworld.

(Source: Cornpone Flicks)

Voice Actors
Shioya, Yoku