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Palparepa (パルパレーパ)
The first of the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol to appear before GGG, and Guy Shishioh's counterpart. Taking the form of a medical doctor with a large syringe mounted over his right forearm (which serves multiple purposes: bladed weapon, long-distance retrieval apparatus, neural manipulation tool) and a cylindrical apparatus mounted in place of his right eye that contains his Loud G-Stone. Can also sprout wings resembling those of a butterfly.

Exhibits arrogant self-assuredness and an extreme god complex; sees Genesic GaoGaiGar (and, by extension, Evoluder Guy) as The Devil. Palparepa is a firm believer in the concept of "might makes right"—his favored saying is that the victor becomes God, the vanquished becomes the Devil, and that is the law of the material world. Combined with his god complex, this makes Palparepa continuously assured of his victory—he is a god, and thus cannot lose to the Devil.

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