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Justin Law (ジャスティン=ロウ)

The Death Scythe in charge of Europe. Dressed in a priestly garb and earphones, Justin is devout in his services to the Shinigami. Justin is the youngest in Shibusen's history to become a Death Scythe at the age of thirteen, all without the aid of a partner. His weapon form, the guillotine, fits his title of "executioner". Justin has the ability to read lips but due to his constant use of earphones and the fact that the Shinigami wears a mask, he cannot understand the Shinigami. He tends to pray and give thanks to God for everything, and also tends to speak loudly due to his constant use of headphones. He travels by means of a dune buggy with a coffin on wheels connected to it. In the manga, he is colored with blonde hair and his hairstyle is a tonsure cut, usually worn by monks from European temples.

Attacks: Cruciform Sword-Hand, Carcan Claw, Law Abiding Silver Gun.

Manga Only:

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Fujita, Yoshinori
Vale, Eric
Pálmai, Szabolcs
Espiasse, Jean-Adrien
Campos, Fábio
Portuguese (BR)
Grimm, Jesse
Lopez, Gabriele

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