Juuzou Sakakura

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Juuzou Sakakura (逆蔵 十三)

During his time at Hope's Peak Academy, his title was Ultimate Boxer.

He is a member of Future Foundation and the leader of the 6th Division. He is in control of the Special Crime Investigation Unit that is featured in the Killer Killer manga.

Juuzou is rough and prideful. He has a harsh way of speaking and is very accustom to bullying and demeaning others. Despite this, he is incredibly loyal to Kyosuke Munakata and serves as his subordinate; he is unashamed and willing to dirty his own hands at Kyosuke's expense, so long as it helps him achieve his goals.

(Source: Danganronpa Wikia)

Voice Actors
Suwabe, Junichi
Sinclair, Ian