Chisa Yukizome

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Chisa Yukizome (雪染 ちさ)

Chisa Yukizome is a member of the Future Foundation, and the leader of the 5th Division. Before graduating, her title during her time at Hope's Peak Academy was the Ultimate Housekeeper.

Chisa is stated to be brave and hard-working, with a cheerful disposition. It's also stated that she can be quite air-headed or dense at times. She plays a role in keeping the tense atmosphere surrounding Future Foundation as relaxed as possible. Much like Juzo Sakakura, she is very devoted to her classmate, Kyosuke Munakata, and does not regret anything he asks her to do.

(Source: Danganronpa Wikia)

Voice Actors
Nakahara, Mai
Clinkenbeard, Colleen
Rachfahl, Melinda