Ara "Little Xia" Haan

Ara Haan

Elsword: El-ui Yeoin
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Ara Haan (아라 한)
The young lady Ara of the Haan warrior family in Fluone's Northern Empire is a skilled martial artist specializing in the spear. One day, she came very close to death when her brother Aren, now known as Ran, came upon the Dark El, transformed into a demon, and led other demons to attack and destroy their village.

At that moment, she found the heirloom—an old hairpin, from which a spirit's powers emerged to help her drive the demons away. It was the spirit of the nine-tailed fox named Eun. The spirit agrees to keep lending Ara her abilities in order to find Aren, and in return, Ara promises to help Eun find El that is strong enough to set her free from the heirloom. In awakening, Eun's mythical presence takes over Ara. Soon, in her journey to find Ran, Ara meets Elsword and the El Search Party. Together, they may yet recover Aren and the El.

(Source: Elwiki)

Voice Actors
Yeo, Min Jeong