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Mukuro Hoshimiya (星宮 六喰)
Age: Unknown
Code name: Zodiac
Species: human (former), Spirit (currently)
Spirit number: 6
Angel: Michael (封解主 (ミカエル), "Seal-Removing Lord")
Weapon type: Key
Astral Dress: Eloah
Famous quote: "All in all, Shido, thy hypocrisy is like a maze lest I be snared. Cease ever returning and begone."

Mukuro Hoshimiya (星宮 六喰, Hoshimiya Mukuro) is the tenth Spirit to appear in the series and one of the strongest Spirits to date.

Mukuro made her debut into the series on volume 14 when she was discovered drifting in outer space by DEM. She was rudely approached by DEM and retaliated by sending the warships's debris across the globe.

In terms of power alone she is the strongest spirit as she is able to fight on par against Inverse Spirits.

So far Mukuro's Angel, Michael, has shown to have the following abilities:

Segva - Lock [閉(セグヴァ) ]: Seals away certain functions of the target. Mukuro first used this ability to shut down DEM's machines and Fraxinus' satellite Realizers. As seen from Shido's example with his copy of <Haniel>, she can also seal the ability of other angels. It even works on sealing abstract concepts like emotions, memories. At full power, she claimed that it could be used to stop the Earth's rotation.

Rātaibu - Unlock [開(ラータイブ) ]: Allows Mukuro to open up holes in space that can be used to teleport herself, summon forth meteorites, and redirect incoming attacks.

Shifuru - Release [放(シフルール) ]: Unleashes the true potential of <Michael> by transforming it into a halberd-like weapon.

Jerez - Solution [解(ヘレス) ]: Decomposes spiritual power and the bonds holding molecules together. First used during her battle against Tohka to annihilate the Inverse Spirit's Astral Dress and the surrounding buildings.

In terms of speech, Mukuro speaks in an overly archaic style. She often speaks in a third person perspective by referring to herself as "Muku" (むく).

(Source: Date A Live Wikia)

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