Kento "Ai-chan, Kenken" Aizome

Kento Aizome

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Kento Aizome (愛染 健十)

Birthday: August 30th
Age: Unknown
Height 181
Weight 62
Blood type B
Team Thrives/B-project
Like: Flirt with girls (Specially with Tsubasa)
Dislike: Abandonment

Kento is known as a flirt especially to Tsubasa. He and Goushi often disagreeing with each other but in Episode 2 he'd rather have Goushi to remain in THRIVE than to let him go. Kento and Yuuta are both taller than Goushi. Kento puts on a charming act to hide away from his emotions, we see his walls come down for a moment in front of Tsubasa but he quickly puts his guard back up moments later. Kento became an idol to feel desired by others, most likely due to his feelings of abandonment or insecurity as a child. Sometimes Kento talks to fans at inappropriate times, to the annoyance of Tsubasa whom he teases at for being "jealous". Kento believes himself to be able to charm any woman and is surprised when he is rejected by the Director during his film debut.

(Source: B-Project Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kato, Kazuki