Kokoro "Siren" Hanabusa

Kokoro Hanabusa

I★Chu: Halfway Through the Idol
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I★Chuu Comic Anthology: Happy Time
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Kokoro Hanabusa (華房心)

A strong-willed crossdresser boasting with the confidence that he's perfect and the cutest idol in the world. Kokoro has been wearing women's clothes ever since he was a kid and is shy when it comes to wearing men's clothes. The "Kneel down for me!" in his call and response is known for stealing people's hearts with his confidence. He guides the 3rd Generation I-Chus with determination, but surprisingly enough, he takes good care of them as well. Runa Kagurazaka and Momosuke Oikawa are his childhood friends.

(Source: Etoile Stage Wiki)

Voice Actors
Murase, Ayumu