Eva "Bloody Master" Armstrong

Eva Armstrong

I★Chu: Halfway Through the Idol
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I★Chuu Comic Anthology: Happy Time
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Eva Armstrong (エヴァ・アームストロング)

On top of the Stage, he proclaims himself as Bloody Master, the emperor of the demon world. His chuuni phrases and strong-willed mannerism actually hide his weakness and social ineptitude. He dotes on Mio Yamanobe and Ban Juumonji as if they were his own children. He's the oldest I-Chu at 29 years, though he claims that he's 427 years old instead. The owl that's constantly with him is called Sammy. It serves as Eva's familiar as well as his confidant.

(Source: Etoile Stage Wiki)

Voice Actors
Shimono, Hiro