Edytha "Paula" Rossmann

Edytha Rossmann

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Brave Witches: Petersburg Daisenryaku
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Edytha Rossmann (エディータ・ロスマン)
Birth date: January 11, 1925
Height: 151 cm
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Striker: Bf 109 G-2
Weapon: MG 42
Familiar: Red fox

A witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, originating in Karlsland. She is a veteran of Karlsland Air Force's JG 52, having joined before its top aces, but has a fairly low kill count and is most renowned for her ability as a basic trainer—having trained Hartmann, humanity's strongest ace. Because of an illness she had as young child, her growth was stunted, and she ended up with a diminutive build. (However, it is rumored that in a pinch her stronger "true form" can surface.)

Given her physical weakness, she cannot rely on strength or speed to defeat Neuroi. Instead, she developed a careful, methodical approach to finding an enemy's weak point, and when she does make a kill she often succeeds in a single decisive hit. She has a very cheerful personality and a strong sense of responsibility. Waltrud is a close friend of hers, but she is constantly keeping Waltrud's excesses and womanizing in check.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Edmund Roßmann.

Voice Actors
Igarashi, Hiromi
Harris, Jill