Waltrud "Gräfin" Krupinski

Waltrud Krupinski

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Brave Witches: Petersburg Daisenryaku
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Waltrud Krupinski (ヴァルトルート・クルピンスキー)
Birthday: November 11, 1926
Height: 175 cm
Rank: Flying Officer (502nd), Flight Lieutenant (Karlsland)
Striker: Bf 109 G-2, Bf 109 G-6
Weapon: MG-42
Familiar: Weimaraner

Waltrud Kaprinski, nicknamed "Gräfin" (countess), is a witch originating in northern Karlsland, one of the most experienced in the Karlsland Air Force. She initially planned to join naval aviation, but ended up joining the Karlsland Air Force's JG 52 at the same time as Erica Hartmann (who served as her wingman) and Gertrud Barkhorn. In 1944, she was assigned to the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing in the Baltic.

Her marksmanship and agility are remarkable, but she is reckless, having virtually no regard for her personal safety. As a result, she often damages her striker units and the trio of her, Katajainen, and Kanno are infamous for destroying strikers. She got her nickname from her slender, graceful appearance and cultured demeanor, but she is also known to be a hardcore drinker and womanizer.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Walter Krupinski.

Voice Actors
Ishida, Kayo
Angelle, Felecia