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Gundula Rall (グンドュラ・ラル)

Birthday: March 10, 1926
Height: 169 cm
Rank: Squadron Leader (1944)
Striker: Bf 109 G-2, Bf 109 K-4
Weapon: MG42
Familiar: Gray wolf

A veteran witch originating from Karlsland. Behind Barkhorn and Hartmann, she is Karlsland's (and humanity's) third greatest ace. She cut her teeth in the early years of the war in the Karlsland Air Force's JG 52, but a serious back injury left her recuperating in Africa for some time. When the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing was established she was assigned as its commanding officer, although she often leaves battlefield leadership to her second-in-command Aleksandra Pokryshkin.

Rall is an adept and agile dogfighter, and the most skilled witch anywhere at deflection shooting (aiming ahead of a moving object on its flight path). Although in 1944 her physical and magical strength is not what it used to be, she makes up for it with her experience and sharpness. Confident and brash, she acts laid-back but is an effective leader.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Günther Rall.

Voice Actors
Satou, Rina
Robinson, Rachel