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Seri (セリー)
Age: 16
Race: Dwarf

Seri's appearance is described as looking like a beautiful girl that only reached to the chest of women, around 140 cm. She is small, thin, and lovely. Her body isn't like a child's, just small. She possesses a bright looking face, a slightly raised nose with big powerful eyes, and a small mouth. Michio describes her as a Japanese person that looks Italian. She has thick black hair that is short and curls at the shoulders.

Seri's older brother was injured in the labyrinth. Her father didn't have much talent, so her older brother was relied on as the income for the house. They went into debt in order to buy medicine for the injury. Instead of borrowing money which would lead to more debt, Seri offed to sell herself. Her younger brother and younger sister were still small, and the older brother that supported the family couldn't be sold, so it was the best option to sell her. To her, it was the best option as she had already failed to become a Master Smith and a Shrine Maiden. She could also learn Brahim if she became a slave since most of the people who buy them speak Brahim. In this world, if one can speak Brahim, one can get a variety of jobs. For Sherry, the chance to learn Brahim after becoming a slave is a benefit.

Seri uses either a spear or a hammer to fight. As a dwarf, she innately has great strength. She is quite intelligent as well, and will often question Michio's abilities. She is also well learned about various things and is often the one who informs Michio about the enemies' strengths and weaknesses in the dungeons, as well as the effects of the various monsters cards.

(Source: Slave Harem Wikia)

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