Ichiya "Icchan" Suzaku

Ichiya Suzaku

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Ichiya Suzaku (朱雀 壱弥)
Ichiya Suzaku is the Head of the Tokyo branch. He possesses a power, referred to as "World," that allows him to fly, use several balls of condensed gravity, and other techniques. He grew up with Canaria Utara, who addresses him as "Icchan" and is his self-proclaimed older sister.

Ichiya is a very hard-headed individual who secretly takes responsibility, but feels that it would make him "weak" if he showed it outwardly. He clearly doesn't get along with the other heads and subheads of Chiba and Kanagawa. He takes his score and rank on the leader board a bit too seriously, but later on it is revealed he has a reason why.

Voice Actors
Saitou, Souma