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Charanko (チャランコ)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Disciple
Affiliation: Bang (Master)
Debut: Chapter 29/Episode 10

Charanko has messy, light-colored hair and wears a white gi. He also boasts a muscular frame, although this is hardly indicative of his strength, or lack thereof.

Charanko is a loudmouthed braggart, arrogantly challenging Saitama and Genos for their disinterest in Bang's martial art without knowing of their ability. When Saitama comments on Bang's strength, Charanko speaks out again, eagerly describing his master's martial arts ability as well as his hero rank, only to be quickly silenced by his master's reprimand. Upon finding out why his master "expelled" him, but choosing to ignore his warning, Charanko holds a sense of martial art's honor towards any fellow Dojos in which his former fellow disciple, Garou, destroyed.

(Source One-Punch Man Wikia)

Voice Actors
Haberkorn, Todd
Graziano, Leonardo
Masuda, Toshiki