Shou Kawashima

Shou Kawashima

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
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Shou Kawashima
Age: 27
Height: 176.5cm
Weight: 83.5kg

An ex-GSDA officer identified as a person of interest in a series of shootings at a local TV station. While staking out a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Batou and Togusa find out that Section 1 has been fed false info on the same ex-GSDA soldier, and have set out to kill him on the assumption that he is world-renowned terrorist "Wong Chu Ren". Batou and Togusa arrive too late to save the Kawashima, and both sides determine that someone behind the scenes is feeding disinformation to both Section 9 and Section 1.

Voice Actors
Baily, Kirk