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Nezu (根津)
A parliament member who is also the leader of the terrorist resistance movement against the government.

He provides information to the rest of the resistance as an undercover mole, such as the IDs required to gain access to the military hospital. Ryu tells him of Kaneda's involvement with their plans. Nezu describes Neo-Tokyo as a rotting, over-ripe fruit with a new seed of hope inside of it.

He can be seen at the meeting of the Supreme Executive Council smirking at the Colonel's frustration.

In the manga he seems to be the mentor of Kei and Ryu, and purports to be saving the nation from the corrupt and ineffective bureaucrats in power. It soon becomes evident, however, that Nezu is just as corrupt, and that all he seeks to do is to seize power for himself.

(Source: Akira Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ootake, Hiroshi
Reynolds, Mike