Reima Tenmyouji

Reima Tenmyouji

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai
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Reima Tenmyouji (天明路 礼真)
He is Usagi's childhood friend, he is also her soon to be husband in an arrange marriage. However he always mistreated her even when they're young, he would often manipulate her into submitting to his will by reminding her of the guilt of killing her brother (even if his death was a result an accident of his own doing). He was able to get into the Anti Magic Academy with the help of Mephistopheles a relic eater, he quickly rose to the ranks in a short span of time and becomes part of the executive committee. He later left the academy after Takeru foiled his plans to rape Usagi.

(Source: ANN)

Voice Actors
Furukawa, Makoto