Toa Narumi

Toa Narumi

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Toa Narumi (鳴海 兎亜)
The protagonist's sister and a first year student. Loves to be lazy, and finds everything troublesome. Sunlight is her enemy.

In most cases, she is confined to her room watching anime, surfing the net and playing games.

Bad at socializing, in fact she doesn't even feel the need to.

Programming is her specialty. For the sake of unearned income, she will invent programs and apps that predict lotteries.

One of her smartphone apps she made to kill time became very popular, which led to huge profits.

The very few people she can talk with are her brother and Mihiro from the student council, which led to her somehow ended up becoming a member in charge of accounting.

She adores her brother from the bottom of her heart, but has a cold attitude.

Voice Actors
Gotou, Mai