Kaoruko Rokuonji

Kaoruko Rokuonji

Wagamama High Spec
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Kaoruko Rokuonji (鹿苑寺 かおるこ)
Third year student and the student council president. Well respected by both teachers and students. Always top grades with a refined attitude.

Secretly works as an illustrator under the handle name "Shika-kun".

Because she has been responsible for several popular light novels, she is quite popular herself.

She is working with the protagonist on his weekly serialization, but don't know that they go to the same school together.

Comes from a wealthy home, her grandfather is a local celebrity. As to not shame the family name, she has revived strict upbringing.

Due to her strict environment, she became attached to manga and anime that she happened to came by, and became an otaku.

Voice Actors
Honda, Mariko