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Matsumae (松前)
Matsumae is a teacher at Seinan Gakuin High School and the homeroom teacher of Shuu Tsukiyama. She is also a Ghoul in the employment of the Tsukiyama family.

She's responsible for keeping an eye on Tsukiyama while acting as his teacher. She's shown to keep a cool head, even when surrounded by ghoul investigators and commanded her group of ghouls in combat. Like her master, Matsumae retains a professional behavior even when under what is normally considered pressuring, such as a CCG extermination.

Koukaku Kagune: Matsumae's kagune takes the form of two tentacles similar in shape and texture to tree branches, which she wields with considerable grace. She also possesses a previously unseen ability to detach part of her kagune, creating a barrier similar in nature to the RC Walls found in the 24th Ward and Dr. Kanou's laboratory. It has sufficient strength and durability to impede attempts at pursuit, lasting longer than is normal for a detached piece of kagune.

(Source: Tokyo Ghoul Wikia)

Voice Actors
Nakamura, Chie
Oeffinger, Marieke
Serpelloni, Mattea
Shields, Julie