Hulk "Iron Ogre" Davidson

Hulk Davidson

Viewtiful Joe
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Hulk Davidson
A rhino-like agent of Jadow, codenamed "Iron Ogre". He scarred Capt. Blue during a previous battle they had. Wields a battle axe and wears a horned helmet. Also sings and collects motorcycles. After being defeated by Joe in the second episode, Hulk attempted to cover his weakness (his toe); at first he attempted to cover it by wearing iron boots. However, the boots severely impeached his movement. He later created a metal guard to encase his weak toe in. Giving him no known weak point. After the fall of Jadow and before he was hired by Gedow, Hulk owned a small meat stand.

Voice Actors
Takase, Akimitsu
Romero, Cassius
Shwarzberg, Zvika