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Climb (クライム)
Climb is the personal bodyguard and childhood friend of Princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. He wants to become stronger for her sake. He wears pure white, full plate armor given to him by Renner and is equipped with a broadsword and a shield.

Climb is described as a hard-working and hot-blooded person, and has pledged absolute allegiance to Renner. For her sake, he trains tireless everyday to improve his swordsmanship as to repay her kindness. Because of the preferential treatment he receives from the princess, he has no close relationship with anyone but her. However, he has proven himself to be quite loyal and determined to protect those he cares about. If need be, he would even sacrifice his life for her.

He lived in Re-Estize during his childhood and encountered misfortune through his life. His parents were gone for unknown reasons when he was very young, and he became a street urchin living on whatever scraps of food he could find, living in an empty house where he was comfortable. Half starved and close to death, he was later saved and taken in by Renner.

Unfortunately, despite his constant training to become stronger, Climb has no special talent for the sword at all. He possessed a ring created through wild magic that can push a person's abilities to their limits. He has self-evaluated himself to be equivalent to a gold rank adventurer, holding a respectable amount of strength.

(Source: Overlord Wiki)

Voice Actors
Osaka, Ryota