Shouzou Irie

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Shouzou Irie (入江 省三)

As with all members of Dept. 2, "Irie" is a fake name. There have been 2 others before him that served his function of carrying out Yuma Kikushima's commands. In the first few volumes, he mostly just sits in a car and observes Hound, the were-cats and Kagura Co. for Yuma. Later, he commands the Hounds forces himself from a control center in the basement of the Ministry building, as well as calling up Yuka to hire Kagura Co. to assist in recovering the stolen Russian nuke. Finally, he and 4 other goons are the ones sent out to erase Kagura Co. ver. 4 for having reached the were-cat island and learning the truth of the Kagura secrets.

Voice Actors
Yamadera, Kouichi
Gonzalez, Alvaro J.