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Shasuryu  Shasha

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Shasuryu Shasha (シャースーリュー・シャシャ)
Shasryu is the leader of the lizardmen tribes and chieftain of the Green Claw. He has won the competition to be a chief twice in a row, and due to this success, managed to retain his position without needing to fight any challengers to his authority. He is the older brother of Zaryusu Shasha. He is is quite striking as he is incredibly huge, making an average height lizardman look small. A single long, white and old scar stand out on his black scales like lightning.

Shasryu has a playful personality. He is one of the most practical minded lizardman by far so in the Wetlands. Though he follows his ancestors traditions, he is not blinded by them and is willing to take a new path to forge a new future for his people.

(Source: Overlord Wikia)

Voice Actors
Kusumi, Naomi
Wald, David