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Crusch Lulu

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Crusch Lulu (クルシュ・ルールー)
Crusch is a white albino lizardman and acting chieftain of the Red Eye. Lulu was born an albino which normally would mean that in the lizardmen community she would be abandoned. In Lulu's case however, her parents decided to raise her even with this genetic fault. Over the time, she proved herself to be a strong practitioner of magic.

When the famine in the Wetlands occurred, Red Eye managed to stave off extinction through fratricide. However unable to bear with the guilt and shame, Crusch led a rebellion against the current chief. Her rebellion was a success and the mantle of leadership was passed down to her making her an equal to another tribe's chief.

Lulu is the strongest of all the magic casters that exist within the lizardmen tribes. Her magical focus lies in controlling nature and summoning spirits to assist her in different ways. However due to her albino nature, Crusch burns easily in the sun, thus she is very weak against sunlight, forcing her to wear a ridiculous bush outfit during the day.

She later falls in love with Zaryusu Shasha.

(Source: Overlord Wiki)

Voice Actors
Lee, Amanda
Amamiya, Sora