Rebecca "Rebecca Lupin" Rossellini

Rebecca Rossellini

Lupin III (2015)
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Rebecca Rossellini (レベッカ・ロッセリーニ)
Rebecca "Lupin" Rossellini is the major antagonist introduced in Lupin the 3rd. She is a wealthy businesswoman, heiress, model, actress, and athlete from San Marino, Italy who married Lupin legally after meeting him at a party. She secretly leads a double life as a thief, committing daring heists for the sheer adrenaline rush. The marriage was revealed to be a mere ruse, with Rebecca tricking Lupin III in order to use him as a distraction while she stole a valuable crown for her own thrill and entertainment. Despite this, she still legally has his last name, a fact that annoys Lupin III greatly.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Fujii, Yukiyo
Morris, Cassandra Lee
Bolognesi, Gaia