Samurai Champloo
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Yoshikichi (善吉)

The old man who is Seizou's only company. He is the one who greets Fuu when she arrives at the house, and is reluctant to give her any information until he realizes who she is. He remains outside while Fuu speaks to her father, then is standing with her reassuring her when Kariya appears. The retainer holds her back from interfering when the assassin enters the house, but throws himself in front of Kariya to protect Fuu herself. Kariya strikes him down casually, only knocking him out and the retainer plays no more role in the decisive battle.

Afterwards, we see him speaking to Fuu and reassuring her again that her father loved and missed her. He also seems to have helped Fuu bury her father and care for Jin and Mugen during the week they spent recuperating.

Voice Actors
Kiyokawa, Motomu
Schatzberg, Steve
Rosenberg, Miguel
Portuguese (BR)