Risa "Risappe" Shirakaba

Risa Shirakaba

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Risa Shirakaba (白樺 リサ)
Age: 13-14 (S4)
Birthday: December 14
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: A
Favorite food: potato salad and milk

A rookie idol who debuted in episode 153 together with her best friend Nono Daichi. Risa is a secure person who is very comfortable in her skin. She's calm, collected, and very level-headed and rational but easily embarrassed when something is mentioned to people she just met that could otherwise be considered childish or trivial in her eyes. It has been noted by her mother and Nono that Risa is seldom passionate about anything. However when she is, the passion in her eyes becomes evident and she becomes determined to succeed in what lit a fire in her as shown with how she feels about Aikatsu.

(Source: Aikatsu Wikia)

Voice Actors
Fuku, Sanae