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Taraka (타라카)
Race: Sura
Clan: Taraka clan
Rank: Nastika
Clan attribute: Chaos
Source attribute: unknown
Authority: King (figurehead)

Suras of other clans view her as the king of her clan, but she has since revealed that Yuta is the true king, unbeknownst to everyone outside her clan except for Kasak Rajof and the Fire God Agni.

To everyone except Yuta, she appears as a mostly-faceless monster with long hair, a large mouth full of sharp teeth, and many long tentacles. To Yuta, however, she has the same appearance as his real mother Kali: a young beautiful woman with light blue eyes and long medium brown hair, except unlike Kali, her hair is held in a loosely woven braid in the back. Taraka has very long tentacle-like legs (six or more), though it seems she can also assume a "normal" pair of legs.

(Source: Kubera Wiki)

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