Sally Yung

Sally  Yung

Cowboy Bebop
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Sally Yung
Sally Yung was one of Faye's high school classmates. She first appears on a mysterious beta cassette, and is later seen in Session 24 "Hard Luck Woman" where she finds Faye next to a massive lion fountain that was seen on the tape. Now in her 80s and in a wheelchair, Sally still recognizes her immediately. The greeting shocks Faye into a series of flashback images. Sally then recalls Faye was placed into a cryogenic stasis following an accident, which is why she looks much younger. At one point during their conversation, Sally says seeing Faye is so surprising it's like seeing a ghost. Faye doesn’t remember her friend at all or her accident. When Sally introduces her granddaughter to Faye, Ms. Valentine replies that she's "a ghost from the past."

Voice Actors
Tani, Ikuko