Ryou Utagawa

Ryou Utagawa

World Trigger
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World Trigger
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Ryou Utagawa (歌川 遼)
Age: 16
Species: Human
Height: 173 cm
Affiliation: Border
Team: Kazama Squad
Rank: A
Squad position: All Rounder
Trigger type: White

Ryou Utagawa is a member of Kazama Squad. Ryou is a tall person who has short brown hair pulled back. In his Trigger Mode he wears navy suit with black designs on the shoulders and a cross running throught the front of his suit (including the shoulders), just like his squad. It has a Border emblem on each sleeve.

Ryou is a rather friendly and gentle person, unlike the stoic Souya and the foul-mouthed Shirou.

(Source: World Trigger Wikia)

Voice Actors
Miura, Hiroaki