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Fairy Tail
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Lamy (ラミー)
Lamy was a member of the dark guild Tartaros. She helped Kyoka with the Demon Regenaration Process.

Lamy is very active and has a specific giggle. She loves men and tries to make the Tartaros members look better using the regeneration process.

She has black hair, cut as a bob, with a fringe. On top she has black bunny ears. Her outfit consists of a long, white jacket with large pompoms as buttons. Under that, she wears a black blouse and a short, black skirt. Lamy also wears a tie saying '1/16', because she is 1/16th Russian. She has white leggings and dark knee-high boots.

When Jackal is trying to kill Lucy, he accidentally hits Lamy and she gets killed. But she gets reproduced and the fake Lamy's attack a bunch of Fairy Tail members. Luckily, the Fairy Tail members manage to defeat them all.

Voice Actors
Asakura, Momo
Harris, Jill
Anne, Mélanie